Parauapebas is a Brazilian town located inside the state of Pará. Its population, when estimated back in 2015 by IBGE, was composed of almost 190.000 inhabitants. Parauapebas GDP reached R$ 20 billion in 2013, making it the second biggest in the state, and their GDP per capita reached approx. R$ 115 thousand in the same year.

The city is well known for being settled in the biggest mineral province of our planet, the Carajás Mountain Range (Sierra). Lots of people from other states live in Parauapebas, coming from Maranhão, Minas Gerais and Goiás; that contributes to a large miscegenation.

In the late 60’s, researchers found the largest mineral reserve in the world, in Carajás. Years later, Brazilian federal government granted Vale do Rio Doce Co. the right to exploit iron, gold and manganese in that place, which was originally inhabited by an Indian tribe named Xikrins do Cateté.

In 1981, it had been started the implementation of the project “Carajás Iron”, leading to the construction of the mining plant, in the valley of Parauapebas river.

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